MAHALO U320P G PINEAPPLE SOPRANO UKULELE SOLID TOP Guitar machinehead.  Este ukelele con forma de piña ofrece un tono muy sueve y con mucha alma.   Muy facil tocarlos por la forma de su mastil .  Te lo entregamos con funda   y un Curso instruccional DVD.


  • Cuerpo arqueado de caoba
  • diapasón y puente de palorosa
  • Trastes de niquel
  • Claviejro guitarstyle dorado


This uke is  shaped like a pineapple! It corresponds exactly in every respect to the standard Mahalo U-320, save for the distinctive, traditional pineapple shape. The tone is mellow and soulful—and it’s easy to produce thanks to the well-shaped neck and Rosewood fingerboard with its smooth, low frets. The bridge is also of Rosewood and the body is mahogany with arched back. The tuning pegs are gold-plated and each U-320P is furnished with a sturdy gig bag and an easy to follow instructional DVD. With all these great features and the instantly recognizable shape–we believe the Mahalo U-320P is destined for great things!

  • The fingerboard and bridge are constructed from rosewood
  • Includes nickel/silver frets and abalone position marker dots
  • Equipped with gold-plated friction tuners
  • Nice Priced
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