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Llega el ukelele baritono Mahalo U-320B

El ukelele barítono Mahalo U-320B   tiene la voz más grave de toda nuestra familia de  Ukuleles.    Va perfecto para musica folk rnb, blues,…por su suevidad ,  riqueza  y simpatía

Es facil tocarlo-  Te incluimos la funda original mahalo  Mahalo U-320B Baritone Ukulele.

The Mahalo U-320B has the deepest voice of the Ukulele family. It’s perfect for Hawaiian Music and any type of Folk Music where a mellow, rich and sympathetic-toned instrument is required. It’s easy to play and easy to learn chords on the Baritone Ukulele. The big, responsive tone of the U-320B is a result of quality construction and a sound chamber made of select mahogany with an arched back. The Rosewood fingerboard and bridge offer beauty and durability while the gold-plated friction tuning pegs add a touch of class. A sturdy gig bag is included with each Mahalo U-320B Baritone Ukulele.

  • Priced and sized to meet every need and pocket-book
  • The body is arched and made from Mahogany
  • The fingerboard and bridge are constructed from Rosewood
  • Includes nickel/silver frets and abalone position marker dots
  • Equipped with gold-plated friction tuners
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